Selective Moralism

I see that America’s Catholic bishops, comprising one of the Church’s weirder bodies of representatives, have suddenly decided that it might be time to consider the possibility of maybe holding a meeting to discuss the suggestion that President Joe Biden, a Catholic who has spent much of his very prominent public life as a practical advocate, supporter, and legislative facilitator of abortion, should just perhaps, I mean if we were really going to be all dogmatic about it, sort of be, you know, denied holy communion as a flagrant and fully committed violator one of the central tenets of Church teaching — that whole “life is sacred” thing.

Has anyone bothered to mention to the bishops that Joe Biden is currently the titular leader — and was formerly the titular second-in-command, for eight years — of a political party that has openly embraced Marxism on every issue of ultimate importance? Perhaps a little memo might be in order to remind the boys in black that Marxism is still, officially, condemned outright by the Catholic Church. I know, of course, that this gets more complicated each day, as the bishops’ current boss in Rome has come closer than even his most questionable pontifical predecessors to openly embracing Marxist theory as Catholic doctrine in good standing. But still….

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