Random Notes: Bibi, Berlin, Biden

Benjamin Netanyahu, a hero of the North American “conservative media” (because he is almost as big a fraud as they are), has put Israel in the lead in universal (fake) vaccination for a wildly exaggerated non-cataclysmic pandemic — by selling his entire nation’s medical records (i.e., personal privacy) to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical behemoth providing the under-tested pseudo-vaccine.

Yes, he really did that. In fact, he boasts of having done it. Because he is a thug who does not care a tick about the freedom of Israeli citizens, but only about his own immediate political career — and he is lucky enough to be prime minister of a socialist-collectivist society that is, amazingly, divided on the question of whether their private records should be used by the state as bargaining chips with private drug companies without their consent, just as they are largely sanguine about having all their daily movements and activities monitored through universal cellphone surveillance. Of course, we are all way past even wondering how it comes to be that the Israeli government should have access to every citizen’s private medical records. Welcome to socialist totalitarianism — er, I mean “affordable healthcare.”

I am tired of namby-pamby talk about global political leaders and their supposedly “democratic” governments. They are all tyrants. Show me an exception today. I dare you. The fact that Bibi sucked up to Trump for four years only shows what a manipulative cretin he is.

Speaking of cretins, I notice that Angela Merkel has announced that German citizens who “violate quarantine” are henceforth going to be rounded up and imprisoned in fenced-off “detention center” areas in — wait for it — “refugee camps,” under armed guard. 

Good old Germany, always ready to take that next step that others balk at. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Joe Biden is going to do what progressives do best: exploit every made-up crisis at his disposal as an excuse for instituting policies that the Democratic Party has been advocating for a generation, while repackaging them as “pragmatic solutions to today’s unique problems.” Private property, private judgment, private action — basically anything that might have the word “private” attached to it — will be out the window before you can say “Nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Okay, to be frank, we all know that Joe Biden is going to do no such thing. “Joe Biden,” in the preceding paragraph — just as in all current mainstream media reporting about the incoming U.S. administration — is merely a conveniently dull, homey label for the Communist Party USA. The Communist Party USA sets the Democratic agenda, fills the Democratic administrative state, writes the executive orders, and lays out the Democratic Party’s long-term goals in white papers and academic consensus.

“Joe Biden” is about to begin the process of sealing up the cracks in Socialist America. And if you have the nerve to tell me, “This is why Trump had to win,” I think you can guess my response, so I will not waste your time or my breath reciting it here.

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