Principles and Their Consequences, Political Entertainment Edition

Whatever it might once have been, or may someday be, at this moment Fox News — that media entity as a whole, as may be judged, with total fairness, by its most popular and unfettered content — is essentially a fount of quasi-Soviet propaganda served with neo-Nazi overtones. It is an apologist for genocidal terrorism, a willing mouthpiece for messaging framed by the Kremlin, and therefore, above all else, a vocal and vociferous enemy of The United States of America, of Western civilization, of truth, and of human decency. Sure, such a position pays the bills these days, and after all, as the apologists for Fox News itself will invariably tell you, the network is first and foremost a business, and its product just happens to be political entertainment. True, much as serving Christians to lions was once considered political entertainment. When did ignorant bloodlust and palliating the ugly mob with death shows come back into vogue?

And to Mark Levin, and anyone else among the former “conservative media” — any of the old self-described Reagan conservatives — who continue to draw an income from Fox, I ask, “Where is your soul, if ever there was one? Or was I entirely misled by your former self, mistaking the chance and temporary alignment of my principles with your profit model as something more like a genuine compatibility of belief? Or is it simply that your head is still buried so deep in the Trump trough that you are unable even to see or hear what you are now associating yourself with? Or are these two alternatives merely two ways of asking the same question? In any case, when did you start loving your fame and fortune more than you love your country and its former freedoms?” For your continued dalliance with the Fox News death squad makes you a fellow traveller of authoritarianism, no matter how hard you hawk your latest scribbles, begging the echo chamber for money to hear you say, yet again and with ever-shrinking credibility, “Tyranny bad, liberty good.” Make a stand against your pocketbook and audience numbers just once, and convince me you ever meant anything you used to say.

“But what about the leftist propagandists at CNN?” the Fox fools will scream at this point. Ah, yes, the same old “binary choice” argument the establishmentarians always serve up. As usual, they rail against that argument in the echo chamber to puff up their egos, but then, when push comes to shove, they bow their heads and walk compliantly into their pen the moment rejecting the binary choice mirage becomes a practical option in the real world, having forgotten the simplest moral bromide their mothers taught them as children: Two wrongs don’t make a right. 

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