Polar Bear Propaganda for Children

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MSN reposted a short article about polar bears. The article is named “On Thin Ice.” It says that global warming puts polar bears at risk. The article is written in simple sentences. This is so that public school children and Donald Trump can read it.

Here is the main content of the article:

Polar bears live in the Arctic. They spend their days perched on sea ice. That’s where they hunt for food. But large areas of sea ice are melting. This has put the mammals at risk. That is according to a new report. The report is from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC)….

Melting sea ice is the top threat to polar bears. They need sea ice to stand on while they hunt. Seals are their main food source. Polar bears wait on the ice for seals to pop up from the water. Then they pounce. Less ice means less area to hunt.

This article comes from Time for Kids. Time used to be a news magazine. Now Time is a progressive propaganda source. Time for Kids is a branch of Time that is designed especially for “kids.” That means it is propaganda for kids. Public school is another example of propaganda for kids.

“Kids” is the term modern condescending propagandists use instead of the proper English word, “children.” They do this because “children” is a big long word that modern schools don’t think kids should have to learn anymore. “Kids” comes from the same socio-linguistic world as “folks.” It is a way of diminishing human beings psychologically. To diminish humans psychologically means to make them feel unimportant or ordinary. This feeling makes humans easier to control with propaganda.

It is easier because humans who feel small and unimportant believe everything they read. They think everyone who writes an article must be smarter than they are. These humans will never learn to think for themselves.

Thinking for themselves is what “kids” used to learn to do. That is what people used to think education was for. Back then, “kids” were called “children.” They were not flattered and told their propagandized opinions were important. They were educated in the hopes that they might someday become intelligent young adults. Intelligent young adults are humans who have learned to think for themselves. They do not believe everything they hear. This makes the progressives’ job more difficult.

Progressives wait on college campuses for young propagandized kids to pop up from public school. Then they pounce. More intelligent young adults thinking for themselves means less area for the progressives to hunt.

Here is the end of the article in Time for Kids:

It will take 20 to 40 years to see how loss of sea ice affects polar bears, [Graham] Forbes told TIME for Kids. “Nobody knows what will happen.”

Graham Forbes is the expert from COSEWIC. An expert is a person who knows more than you do, so you have to believe whatever he says. And he says “Nobody knows what will happen.”

That means this article exists only to promote a scary headline and thesis. The actual expert cannot say that anything claimed in the headline or thesis is actually true. He does not know. But you should believe the scary main idea and headline anyway. This is because you are too young and stupid to understand the difference between science and propaganda. And of course you cannot think for yourself. And you never will. This is because you attend public school.

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