Of Cool Cats and Coffee

As many of you know, one of my hobbies is photography, and I post a lot of my pictures here in Limbo. (All the photos on the website are mine, unless I am in them.) Another one of my hobbies is walking — incessantly, obsessively, some might say maniacally. And as I am almost always at my university (work being another one of my maniacal obsessions), much of my walking and photography are done on or around the campus.

A non-professional photographer typically shoots just what he likes, which in my case means natural objects, sunrises, rocks, mountains, and unusual interactions of light and shadow. Once in a while, however, something you wouldn’t normally care about catches your eye and screams “you have to get a picture of this.” If you’re lucky, you might even get a little more than you expected. Here are a few “odds and ends” from my recent photo folders, pictures I like but haven’t found any good place for yet. I hope you enjoy them.


I don’t like cool things, and I don’t like cats; and yet this little guy with his bike just gave me that James Dean feeling.

Cool Cat


True, under the sun,
The race is not to the swift —
But under the moon…

Perhaps the Race is to the Swift


Sometimes even ugliness has its purpose, such as to remind us of beauty.

Building Code


Okay, I adjusted the light here to find that “American in Paris” effect. If Vincente Minnelli can do it, why can’t I?

Stand Still


A little man waits,
Amid Limbo’s green half-life,
Thinking of his fate.

Little Man in Limbo


“How far can I reach?” —
A man asks himself sometimes —
“Is it far enough?”

The Longest Me


And finally, here at the end of a long, exhausting semester, I must pay proper tribute to the higher power that made it all possible — the Vending Machine Coffee Gods, of course. (I presume the other higher power has more important things to worry about than my teaching schedule.)

Ode to the Coffee Gods

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