How to Destroy an Economy

The latest U.S. National Climate Assessment was released a few days ago, which is an odd thing to be saying, in light of the fact that if any of the previous such assessments had had any scientific legitimacy, we probably wouldn’t be here today talking about climate at all. We’d be off somewhere evolving gills by now. In any case, the 2018 NCA is here, and, well, I won’t waste your time with all that.

The only interesting thing about this assessment, like all such assessments, reports, and white papers, is what it tells us about the goals of the global corporate socialists and other profiteers who fund and produce these documents. On this point, I merely wish to direct you to a short blog post of December 3rd by my good friend Tim Birdnow, titled “Hank Paulson and the Climate Assessment.”

The Republican Party’s association with men like Paulson, to put it mildly, disqualifies the party outright from any consideration as a serious political alternative to the Democratic socialists. The two wings of the Washington establishment are absolutely one their ultimate aspirations, or at best they are united in their quest to annihilate all resistance (i.e., you) before turning their weapons on each other.

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