Headlines I Nearly Read Today

Trump admits he hid the virus because he thought it would only kill Democrats.

COVID-19 invades the brain, makes victims feel like they have a bad flu.

Biden promises if elected, he will mandate isolation chambers for all Americans.

Polls show Biden now leading Trump by triple digits.

Researchers believe they are close to finding first case of a business, school, or lemonade stand actually shut down by the health effects of coronavirus.

Psychologists suggest the elderly are happier when barred from meeting loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Faith leaders insist only people who wear masks will go to heaven.

Survey shows over 90% of humans would rather extend biological life by one day than spend time with friends or family, participate in community life, produce something, or feel like free beings for ten minutes.

Pope Francis: Socialism “the only cure for coronavirus.”

Experts say cowardice and compliance must be “the new normal.”

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