Goodbye, America

I just read this “breaking news”:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a “stay at home” order for the entire state at a Thursday evening press conference. The order is set to go into effect at midnight.

A stay at home order for the entire state, the biggest one in the Union. I believe they used to call that enslavement. 

And yet today, over in the land of the free and the home of the brave — someone have the decency to scrap those obsolete sentiments from America’s national anthem, please — a stay at home order from the government is welcome news that your betters, your owners, are doing their best to take care of you. By take care of you, of course, I mean to think for you, judge for you, decide for you, and arrest you if you dare to question the thoughts, judgments, and decisions that your owners have made on your behalf. Any semblance, remnant, or vague romantic echo of liberty, courage, individual self-determination, or basic respect for life, gone in a Hollywood heartbeat. Over a friggin’ virus!

“Home of the brave” my butt. What a bunch of self-deluded fakers. Most Americans would sell their own souls and their mothers’ bodies in a minute for a scrap of government rations, a roll of toilet paper, or the empty promise of a slave’s “safety.” How do I know that? Because they just did.

And by the way, as I write this, I am sitting in my office — not locked under indefinite house arrest by tyrants — in South Korea, which has far more confirmed cases of coronavirus than California, but hasn’t yet bought into the “mass oppression model” of medicine.

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