Fun Correction: Maybe Only the Progressive Is Completely Incompetent After All

I wrote about the incompetence of the world’s ruling “elite” yesterday, citing the amusing example of the back-to-back inanities by U.S. Supreme Court justices Gorsuch and Sotomayor. Apparently, however, Gorsuch was misquoted in the court’s published transcript, which has since been corrected. This leaves Sotomayor, whose “flub” was more outright lie than error, to stand alone as Ruling Class Boob of the Day.

As originally reported, Neil Gorsuch had said, during proceedings related to the U.S. federal government’s vaccine mandate, that the ordinary flu kills “hundreds of thousands” each year, which is flat-out incorrect. This was followed the next day by Sonia Sotomayor declaring that a hundred thousand American children are in serious condition with Covid-19, which is maliciously absurd.

However, an article in Law and Crime explains that the transcript of Gorsuch’s statement has been corrected.

As of Monday, however, Gorsuch’s quote was changed in official court transcripts to reflect his actual quote: “The flu kills, I believe, hundreds, thousands of people every year” (again, emphasis ours).

Some who listened to the SCOTUS arguments in real time pointed out that an audio recording of the oral arguments sounded as though Gorsuch had indeed said, “hundreds, thousands.”

So there. Gorsuch was significantly understating the American flu death numbers, rather than vastly overstating them, and understating one’s case is generally acceptable in a rhetorical context.

I am pleased to correct the Limbo records to account for this, in the name of accuracy and fairness. And I am even more pleased to say that this leaves Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a run-of-the-mill progressive activist in judicial clothing and (to reinforce her own ridiculous badge of honor) affirmative action poster child as last week’s lone official Supreme Court Idiot.

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