Fox News Winning!

Fox News is…Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell (whose wife Elaine Chao was on the board of directors), Larry Kudlow, John Bolton, a dozen bimbos who vote R, and Sean Hannity. Not merely a media ally of the Republican Party establishment, Fox is the establishment’s official press office. Throughout the 2016 primaries, Fox was effectively Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and damage control center.

Now, of course, Fox is also the main well-spring of Trump’s White House appointments. Elaine Chao was perhaps the first example, literally moving directly from the boardroom of the network that systematically propagandized for Trump and belittled or smeared all of his primary opponents on his behalf, right into a cabinet post. More recently, Kudlow and Bolton, long-time Fox News paid experts, have joined the team, or rather changed positions within the team — the team, of course, being the GOP insiders club, of which Trump was selected as a deliberately obscuring, crowd-pleasing front man for the diversion of an increasingly restless “grassroots” movement. 

The relationship could not be more direct and obvious. Fox News is the GOP establishment is the Trump administration, plain and simple. But, needless to say, the Trump gambit was a smashing success. The natives are not merely no longer restless, but have gone utterly placid in the face of the establishment’s continued imprisonment of their minds. If America has become Brave New World, Donald Trump is soma. 

Oh, and by the way, Trump has chosen his new deputy chief of staff for communications — Bill Shine, a former Fox News co-president.

Does anyone remember how so-called conservatives felt when Jay Carney and other left-leaning mainstream journalists took up positions in a recent Democratic administration?

“But that’s different! These Fox people are serious, qualified men and women! They’re not just liberal hacks like Carney!”

Right. If it makes you feel better that the people who actually direct editorial policy at a major media outlet are shifting directly into roles in an administration they actively helped to create through propagandistic reporting, then the soma has taken full effect. Enjoy your holiday.

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