Eternal Darkness of the Spotlessly Progressive Mind

Yesterday, I threw in my two cents regarding Sarah Jeong, the “Korean-American” race-obsessed harpy who has just been hired onto The New York Times editorial team — and hired not in spite of her race-obsessed harpydom, but because of it. (The Times has admitted to having examined her Twitter history before hiring her, which means they liked the naked hatred they saw there, enough to risk the backlash that was bound to ensue when that history was inevitably exposed to a broader public.)

In reading through her litany of invective (to use a generous term) against “white people,” I detected a distinct whiff of underlying bitterness toward men, and included the following aside in my written comments:

I would say that, apart from the hackneyed neo-Marxist systemic oppression presuppositions — which merely prove she has been to university — this young Asian woman has a serious personal animosity toward white men. That’s not an interpretation or a theory, just an observation.

Well, it’s a day later, and, the impossibility of putting a genie back into a bottle being a well-established truth, it is not surprising that some enterprising investigators have dug around for other juicy morsels that The New York Times apparently liked on Jeong’s Twitter account; and sure enough (courtesy of the Daily Caller), it turns out she has all the earmarks of a woman scorned, though admittedly without the “woman” part (and therefore without much genuine Hell in her fury):

But for me, the crème de la crème is a tweet that occurs in a different screenshot, within a similar series of f-word-filled screeds against “cops.” This one is dated November 3, 2014: 

Dear privileged feminists,

A little more solidarity with the most vulnerable, and less love for cops and overbroad laws.

Yes, I see, without surprise, that she hates white (i.e., “privileged”) feminists, but in all honesty her criticism strikes me as unfair, even by her standards. After all, I thought the whole point of feminism was to promote “overbroad laws.” That is the feminist utopia, is it not? The Age of the Overbroads.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Blame global warming.

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