Elizabeth Warren Solves America’s Race Problem Forever


Elizabeth Warren lied about her ethnic heritage throughout her academic career, repeatedly and obviously seeking personal and professional (and later political) advantage by claiming to be Native American — or as Harvard Law School boasted of her, its “first woman of color.”

Now, in perhaps the greatest fit of accidental genius in the history of idiocy, Warren has tried to verify her longtime lie with scientific evidence in the form of a DNA test. The test result shows that Warren may be anywhere from 0.09 to 1.5 percent Native American, which she and the leftist media are citing as proof that her native heritage claims were true all along.

Perfect! Keep talking, Elizabeth! Keep supporting her, media! Together, you are solving America’s race problem, and tearing the guts from the neo-Marxist fraud of race and identity politics forever.

For as many people have already pointed out, Warren’s result, if it proves anything, proves that she has no more “native” blood — and perhaps significantly less — than the average American of European ancestry. In other words, she may in fact be whiter than the average American white person. And yet she and her defenders — keep talking! — are using this result to support her old lies about being a member of the Cherokee nation by blood.

This is fantastic, even stupendous, news, since, if there is still an ounce of rationality left in America (I admit that’s looking like a long shot these days), then Warren and the media have just turned racial identity on its head, revealing the whole nonsensical practice of distinguishing humans, in any fundamental sense, in terms of biological race, as the collectivist-materialist pipe-dream that it is and always was.

A quick perusal of the conclusions drawn in a 2013 article by Henry Louis Gates Jr., “Exactly How ‘Black’ is Black America?” shows in the starkest form the beauty of Warren’s insistence on defending her 0.09 percent ethnicity as a valid “identity.”

So what do the collective genomes of the African-American community reveal about the mix of ancestral populations — of mingled genes — that we have inherited? Here are the surprising results from five DNA companies.

* According to Ancestry.com, the average African American is 65 percent sub-Saharan African, 29 percent European and 2 percent Native American.

* According to 23andme.com, the average African American is 75 percent sub-Saharan African, 22 percent European and only 0.6 percent Native American.

* According to Family Tree DNA.com, the average African American is 72.95 percent sub-Saharan African, 22.83 percent European and 1.7 percent Native American.

* According to National Geographic’s Genographic Project, the average African American is 80 percent sub-Saharan African, 19 percent European and 1 percent Native American.

* According to AfricanDNA, in which I am a partner with Family Tree DNA, the average African American is 79 percent sub-Saharan African, 19 percent European and 2 percent Native American.

Think about this: The average “African-American” has vastly more white European blood — as much as eight hundred times more — than Elizabeth Warren has Native American blood.

Thus, on the Elizabeth Warren standard of racial identity, whereby a person may claim an identity if a trace of such blood may be found in his or her DNA, the history of the United States should now be rewritten:

  • Duke Ellington was the greatest white European jazz composer. Ella Fitzgerald, the First Lady of Song, was the greatest white European singer in American popular music. For that matter, jazz itself may now be redubbed “the great white American art form.”
  • Michael Jordan was the greatest white European basketball player.
  • Tiger Woods is the greatest white European golfer of the past twenty years.
  • Barry Bonds is the all-time white European homerun champion — or, if you prefer your heroes without chemical enhancement, then Hank Aaron remains the true white European homerun champ.
  • At least the final generations of slaves in America — the ones freed by the Emancipation Proclamation — were white Europeans. Thus, the whole basis of America’s lingering racial divide — the legacy of black slavery — is a myth, since a large percentage of slaves were in fact white.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We could continue on with such examples ad infinitum. And what does this prove, beyond the fact that Elizabeth Warren and her media defenders are both idiots and accidental geniuses? 

It proves that the politics of racial identity are a complete fraud. It proves, further, that the neo-Marxists’ invented moral violation called “cultural appropriation” is incoherent and indefinable. If Elizabeth Warren is warranted in identifying as Cherokee — that is, if she is not committing cultural appropriation by claiming the mantle of Native American heritage on the basis of a (possible) great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparent — then the concept of cultural appropriation is effectively reduced to absurdity, and may, or rather must, be consigned to the trash can whence it sprang (aka academe).

One more point of interest. If you look again at the results from the five ancestry investigators cited in the Gates article, above, you will note that according to four of the five DNA analyses, the average black American is also more Native American than Elizabeth Warren — perhaps as much as twenty times more.

America owes Elizabeth Warren a debt of gratitude. She and her progressive supporters are so dumb that they have undermined the foundations of their faction’s chief (no pun intended) method of propaganda and focus of indoctrination — collective identity and collective rights, respectively — forever. Well done, Marxists!

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