Diagnosing Dr. Ford

Brett Kavanaugh’s “accuser,” Christine Blasey Ford, has responded to the continually-shifting deadline Republican senators have set for her to decide whether she wishes to testify about how a teenage boy made her feel nervous and uncomfortable thirty-some years ago, somewhere, in some unspecified situation, in a vacuum of isolated memory devoid of identifiable context that might help anyone verify or disprove her claims. And her official response, delivered through her legal team: I still want to have a chance to cry on camera and make Republican men look like sexist meanies, but I don’t know when I’ll have time or the courage to do it, so you’ll just have to continue holding up the business of the United States government indefinitely until the Senate feels like a sufficiently safe space for my tender neuroses.

Good golly, Miss Molly. How long are people going to be subjected to this humiliating display from a person who — assuming she is telling “the truth” as she (vaguely) remembers it — clearly needs to grow up. For Dr. Ford, who is arguing that Judge Kavanaugh is unqualified to be a supreme court justice because he once, as a seventeen-year-old, got drunk and treated a girl shamefully, is a trained psychologist with her own qualification problems: How can someone this emotionally-addled consider herself qualified to understand, advise, or help others with their problems?

Ford, if we take her claims at face value, is obviously suffering an acute case of arrested development. What she needs is a serious, tough counselor who will begin by telling her, straight up, “It’s time to get over your childhood self-absorption, stop demanding that the world care about your teenage feelings, and get on with your life as an independent adult.”

Instead, she is being pushed and prodded down every path of weakness, dependency, and childish self-absorption by neo-Marxist exploiters who see her as a political pawn and couldn’t care less about her life or psychological health.

Of course, her emotional immaturity and moral infantilism are the reason she favors and supports progressive politics in the first place – those are the spiritual foundations of progressivism — so she is not merely an innocent victim of neo-Marxist exploitation; she has volunteered for it.

When will Republicans wake up and start behaving like adults themselves in response to all this manipulative infantilism and self-absorption from the left? (Rhetorical question, of course: the answer is “Never.”)

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