Democratic Debate: Bobbing for Communists

As usual, I will preface the following comments about the latest Democratic presidential debate by saying, “Please! Do you seriously think I would watch two minutes of a Democratic presidential debate?”

Two minutes, no. But one minute and twenty-three seconds, on the promise of seeing a young punk mock an old man’s memory loss on national television merely to score cheap political points? Count me in! And so, without further ado, here is the great moment itself, as Julian Castro attacks Joe Biden over who is proposing the most perfectly universalized government takeover of the healthcare industry:

Let’s face it, the Democratic Party has been completely co-opted by the CPUSA, which reality is in itself nothing but a polishing up of the apple ripened by the Obama administration, which in turn was merely the full blossom of the tree planted a century ago by the Wilson administration. (In case you are looking for the primer on that plan, I refer you to my article from several years back, Progressivism: Revenge of the Sociopaths.”) This year, we are seeing the new guard (blunt and unapologetic communists) trying to take out the old guard (nascent and tacit communists). Even Bernie Sanders, the openly declared “democratic socialist,” now looks like yesterday’s news, not merely because he has the presence of a man two hundred years older, and six degrees loopier, than he really is, but because he still couches his Marxism in the language of the Democrats’ 1970s fringe, rather than simply saying, as the young thugs on the debate stage are saying, “When I am president, all your guns will be confiscated, all your property will belong to the State, and we will kill or reeducate anyone with more than a million dollars, anyone who owns a private company, or anyone who refuses to bow to the goddess of climate change.”

Among the older candidates, it was Elizabeth Warren, probably due to her perspective as a former native American academic, who sensed the coming wave early, and in a way made herself the “youngest” of the old guard, if you will. Hence, the current situation in the Democratic nominating process, as I see it from my lofty perch way the hell out of range of ninety-nine percent of the candidates’ actual blather: The normal lifelong Democratic voters, who have socialistic presuppositions but would not necessarily vote for a candidate who explicitly advocated the abolition of private property, are favoring Biden, because they have heard of him, he was prominent during the years when they felt more comfortable with the party platform, and he seems less overtly hateful than the others, if only due to his being a bit of a doddering old fool. (And that’s not ageism, by the way; Biden has been slightly more tolerable than most Democrats due to being a bit of a doddering old fool since he was thirty-six.)

As Biden shows himself to be less than “up for the job,” and incurs the special hatred of the party’s activist wing for refusing to espouse the Marxist agenda openly, many establishment insiders and rank and file progressives alike are turning to Warren as the next best thing: familiar enough to seem safe, but more likely to advance the manifesto, and also more likely to hold her own in a debate with Donald Trump. 

Sanders still has the name recognition and prestige of having won the youth vote against the universally despised Hillary Clinton, and therefore retains a bit of holdover support from those days. 

Every other candidate currently in the running is a proudly radical leftist who feels offended that anyone else should be compared to him or her in radicalism; hence all their continual efforts to outdo one another in hardline Marxist rhetoric and promises. 

Thus, given the likelihood that neither Biden nor Sanders will survive the rigors of this vetting process, what with their both being hopelessly “yesterday” — the ultimate sin in the communist world — and Biden simply being downright regressive by the current standard, that leaves Warren as the closest thing to a mainstream choice to appease the establishmentarians, along with a bunch of angry revolutionaries. 

The apples are now overripe and off their tree. The Democratic primary process is quickly devolving into a game of bobbing for communists. The whole bucketful promises to be nothing but rotting throwaways by Election Day, but for now, with his open attack on Biden’s mental condition during a public debate, Julian Castro has boldly signaled that he is ready to rot first, i.e., he is the most communist of them all.

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