Weekend (wry) smile: America today

I just read that a University of Montana man, Jonathan Eastwood, who now identifies as a University of Montana woman, June Eastwood, has been named the university’s “female athlete of the week.” Because feminism and identity politics are essential to advancing the causes of equality and fairness for women.

I saw a CBS News Online headline a couple of days ago announcing, in the tone of a lament, “California’s legal weed profits going up in smoke,” due to those pesky unlicensed drug dealers. Yes, of course, in California as in Canada, you need the honor and legitimacy of a government license to operate a business dedicated to helping your fellow citizens blow their minds, man.

Here, to punctuate the point, are the first two sentences of the article from this supposedly serious news organization:

Legal marijuana in California as a business was supposed to be a no-brainer. How could it not be profitable in a liberal state pushing 40 million residents where some of the best weed in the world has been grown for decades?

“Some of the best weed in the world.” On whose judgment? Is this news reporting or a late night chat to stave off a bout of the munchies? And what does “best weed” even mean? And why is a news article referring to marijuana as “weed”? (Do mainstream news articles about the heroin market refer to the drug as “smack”?) The answer, of course, is that the target audience for this article is that large contingent of contemporary Californians who think “weed” is an essential part of a nutritious breakfast.

Rudy Giuliani has accidentally redialed a reporter, presumably while sitting on his smartphone, and thus left an unintended voice mail in which he may be heard discussing politics and business with an associate — for the second time in a couple of weeks. 

Rudy Giuliani is a security expert. In fact, his international business interests in security were the apparent topic of the latest conversation that he inadvertently sent to a reporter through his phone, literally talking out his other end. Because Donald Trump only hires the best people.

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