The Guillotine

Yet another Trump cultist with a respectable public position has taken advantage of this tinder box moment in America to incite deadly violence on behalf of the worst (and in a sense, probably the last) president in U.S. history. 

This time, it was Texas state Republican executive committee member Terry Harper — I do not care about the man’s personal existence whatsoever, but people this revolting deserve to have their names highlighted for future reference — who, in response to Mitt Romney’s criticism of Lyin’ Ted’s bootlicker stunt in the U.S. Senate aimed at endearing himself to the Trump cult for 2024, directly and unambiguously called for Mitt Romney to be executed by guillotine. 

Naturally, being a blowhard and a coward like all cultish vermin, Harper, when called out on social media for his incendiary rhetoric, claimed it was just an elaborate and completely opaque metaphor, and he is terribly sorry if anyone misunderstood him to be advocating actual beheadings of Trump’s critics. Another Texas liar. I will not dignify this loser by re-posting his scum here, but you are welcome to follow this link to read his posts for yourself, both this latest one about Romney and his earlier posts about past “conspirators” against a president who find themselves in the gallows, and then try to convince yourself that he is not very literally calling for the death of anyone who dares to oppose Trump.

To hell with these baboons, and with the thumb-sucking child-despot who leads them.

Note: In the above post, I identified Donald Trump as the worst president in U.S. history. Many will take exception to this, citing Wilson, FDR, and Obama as terrible predecessors. But why, I ask, do you regard those men as worse than Trump?

All three of those were horrible men and disastrous presidents because each, in his way, greatly furthered the cause of progressivism in America, and did so as the leader of an overtly progressive political party. I believe history will finally show, nevertheless, that Trump did more to usher in an actual Marxist takeover of America than even that Democratic trinity, not least by taking pains — right up to this moment — to effectively destroy every last gasp of rational resistance to the progressive tide, right at the moment when that resistance could least afford to be weakened. More importantly, he did this as the leader of the nominally anti-progressive party in America, and at the expense of the weary and frightened souls of millions of people who desperately needed the rallying force of a sincere and principled leader to strengthen their constitutional resolve, but instead have had their souls spirited away by a phony peddler man with nothing but vainglory and delusions of grandeur in his heart, and nothing but dust and hot air in his mind.

Those other three were worse in their overt intentions, in a way. But this one will, in my judgment, be even worse in his ultimate effects, because his efforts did not merely exploit the lowest tendencies of Americans, but were more directly subversive of the better instincts of people who used to believe in their country, but now, due to despair and manipulation, only believe in this fraud, Trump.

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