The Coronavirus Lexicon: A Dictionary of Mass Manipulation

Advisory: A command from the rulers, based on the recommendations of their experts. (See “recommendation.”)

Co-morbid: A non-coronavirus-related illness that a patient already has, and that was likely to cause the patient’s death independently of that patient’s contracting the coronavirus.

COVID-19 death: a death, usually (though not necessarily) one involving a person who was found to have contracted the new coronavirus (with or without symptoms) prior to his expiring, often from other ailments.

Expert: A person who has worked for the government for most of his professional life, and whose opinions are currently in vogue among the mainstream news media and the political class. (See “news media.”)

Fauci: A person who tilts his head back slightly, holds his eyeglasses next to his lips, and tells you how you ought to live, although there is no evidence that he knows any more than you do about the subject; an expert. (See “expert.”)

Lockdown: Tyranny, especially one with totalitarian overtones, involving the arbitrary suspension of legally-protected rights, the restriction and hyper-regulation of the normal activities of law-abiding citizens, and the extensive use of propaganda to rationalize the indefinite curtailment of the conditions of life definitive of a liberal democracy or a limited republic.

News Media: Hysteria fomenters for profit; greed- and power-obsessed fearmongers; conscienceless liars for financial and/or political gain.

Recommendation: A dictate or direct order issued by an unelected government expert and backed by an advisory from your rulers, usually one for which there is no available legal basis (see “advisory”); a tyrannical edict. Such a recommendation may be reinforced with more stringent measures, including police action if necessary, if not obeyed. 

Soar (or “soaring”): The media’s preferred verb for describing any uptick in the number of official COVID-19 deaths, as in “COVID-19 deaths soar past 50,000”; to rise by any amount. (See “COVID-19 deaths.”)

Sweden: Rationality; the practical application of logic and adult common sense in problem-solving.

To be continued…

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