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The best writer writes as the most intimate friend speaks, namely as though he were talking to himself, and for himself. He also hesitates to take his writing too seriously, and may even be suspicious of it. The best teacher is not the one who can answer all your questions, but rather the one who knows how to ask questions, and what the...

On Loneliness and Understanding

As I write this, it is still the early hours of a temporally indefinable election aftermath in the United States. In this age, there is perhaps no sharper focus in which a thoughtful person may observe his own soul than an election time, as there is never a moment when the extent of such a person’s isolation is clearer than when everyone around...

Overcoming Prejudices: Being Right, Being Lazy

Recently, a student told me that she feels “disgusted” by her father’s way of speaking of other people, whether in the news or in the world generally, as he tends to criticize everyone as though they are all “stupid” if they do not think as he does. In reply to this student, I noted that sometimes we feel “disgusted” by another’s attitude —...

The Noise and The Silence

Today is full of the noise. Every moment, the mindless chatter of the most mindless of chattering creatures, the late-modern slave, cuts through every thought, interrupts every quiet intake of breath, disturbs the rhythm of every calm reflection.  I walk to the pond, a cup of coffee in my hand and a camera around my neck, hoping for a peaceful moment of escape...

Sight, Surface, and Texture

Wisdom is one thing. It is to know the thought by which all things are steered through all things.
— Heraclitus.
At one time they are all brought together into one order by Love; at another, they are carried each in different directions by the repulsion of Strife, till they grow once more into one and are wholly subdued.
— Empedocles.