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Giving Offense Today

The Polish Ministry of Education has removed a passage from a new school textbook related to sexuality in modern times, due to public criticism of its offensiveness. Here (and I apologize in advance for assaulting your innocence with such smut) is the offending passage: Increasingly sophisticated methods of separating sex from love and fertility lead to the treatment of sex as entertainment and...

Random Thoughts on The End of Man

Plato’s Republic belongs to a world without smartphones. Smartphones belong to a world without Plato’s Republic. The difference is that Plato’s Republic can explain smartphones, whereas smartphones cannot explain Plato’s Republic.

Every time I notice something interesting, beautiful, or fascinating, my attention is almost immediately distracted by humans interfering with my point of view.

Trumpanzees Fling Poo, Hit Selves Yet Again!

There is just nothing — nothing, zero, nada — to say in favor of voting for Donald Trump. There wasn’t in 2016 (although at least it was understandable when Hillary was looming), and there certainly isn’t today. I have already dealt with all the usual excuses and rationalizations too many times to recite them again here. Today, however, yet another of the standard...

Freud vs. Plato on Eros

In my recent piece, “On Freud,” I said of the “father of modern psychology”: He saw his theory as a more scientific version of Plato’s tripartite soul. He was in fact Plato for auto-mechanics. And for all his titillating and supposedly shocking nonsense about sex, he was oblivious to Eros, which is the specifically human manifestation of sexuality, and the key to mankind’s...