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The Philosopher and Society

To interpret a thing is to categorize it. We may categorize only in accordance with existing categories, of course, which in practice — an obvious point but one easily forgotten — means in accordance with categories we know. Hence, the limits of interpretation, for each man, are determined by the modes of existence that he himself has previously recognized or intuited from his...

Dialogue on Nothing

Parmenidean: If it is true that there is nothing, as you claim, then this still proves that there is something, namely that very truth and a mind capable of knowing it. Nihilism is self-refuting.

Nihilist: Oh, but the nihilist does not deny that there is something, but merely that the something has meaning.

Parmenidean: But a something without a meaning….

Notes on Critical Method

A few days ago, I offered my interpretation of Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony without having listened to one word of it. In the event that someone might have found this approach unsatisfactory — might have seen my lack of familiarity with any of Mueller’s words as a mere oversight or deficiency on my part — I offer the following explanation and defense of...