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Brief Thoughts on Late Modern Man

We are obsessed with finding habitable planets because we have begun to intuit that our modern progress has trapped us forever with one another here on Earth, which is to say we have explored ourselves beyond all hope of any new nook or cranny to dream of. We have nowhere left to go on this planet to escape from the oppressiveness of our...

Random Thoughts on The End of Man

Plato’s Republic belongs to a world without smartphones. Smartphones belong to a world without Plato’s Republic. The difference is that Plato’s Republic can explain smartphones, whereas smartphones cannot explain Plato’s Republic.

Every time I notice something interesting, beautiful, or fascinating, my attention is almost immediately distracted by humans interfering with my point of view.

Alien Logic, Part Two

I mentioned in Part One that I find it more than odd that after all these years, and particularly in the most recent of these years, the U.S. military can produce a lot of individuals who claim to have encountered things “not of this world” during flights, but so far has failed to produce a single persuasive image or video of the encountered...