Someone might get sick…

If there were no lockdowns, no stay-at-home orders, no social distancing regulations on daily life — so say your experts of government science — someone might infect someone with a virus which, if that person were extremely old, unusually weak, or extraordinarily unlucky, might kill him. 

And if there were no lockdowns and social distancing regulations, someone might employ someone, allowing that person to gain confidence, support a young family, or begin his climb out of a multi-generational trap of poverty, addiction, and dependence.

Someone might meet and fall in love with someone, allowing both to find meaning and a reason to live that neither may ever find, if not today, in the eyes of this perfectly-timed Other.

Someone lost, lonely, or in despair might find, at the library, in a classroom, in a book store, a kindred spirit who would become a soul-deepening friend, a world-revealing teacher, a secret path out of hopelessness and fear.

Someone might find a muse, witness a behavior, or hear a voice that inspires a poem or picture that enlivens a soul that gives birth to a thought that unites a community that educates a statesman who ignites a fire of freedom in the hearts of an enslaved people.

But…but…someone might get sick, or even die. So say your state-employed “experts” and “scientists.” 

Well, I do know this: Someone, namely this someone, is already sick — sick to death of a world of nominally human entities prepared to sacrifice everything (including their neighbors) to their puny, wormlike masters in the name of the most cowardly, childish dread that “someone,” by which they mean their own soulless, space-occupying bodies, might get sick. Unfortunately, no one today is working on a vaccine for this illness.

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