Some Benefits of Being a Slave

You will always have a bed and food, and even last dibs on some medical care, as long as you remain useful. (And who doesn’t want to remain useful?)

You never have to solve a significant problem or make a difficult decision — as long as you are reasonable enough to accept your status passively and learn to appreciate the advantages of going along for the ride.

You have plenty of time for mindless amusement when your assigned work is done — games, races, laughing at fellow slaves, mythologizing about your fate.

You have no ultimate responsibilities, only clearly defined tasks and a certain amount of boredom, since the overarching ends and means are determined from above, leaving both your mind and your moral sense more or less unnecessary. 

Nothing really depends on you, which frees up your conscience for dreaming about your next brief opportunity for pleasure.

You may have plenty of possessions (though of course you will not be burdened with the nuisance of actually owning any of them), and you will occasionally be rewarded for your amiable compliance with extra possessions or special permissions.

Singing is often permitted on Saturdays, as long as you are careful about the lyrics — nothing about bursting chains or leaping over fences, obviously.

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