Social Life

“If I say what I really think, they won’t like me.” In other words, they don’t like you now, and they never will.

“If I don’t make an effort to fit in, I will be alone.” If you have to make an effort to fit in, then you are already alone, and you will remain so.

“I want them to accept me.” But can you accept yourself as the person they would accept?

“If I walk away from them, I will lose everything I worked for.” Everything? Will you lose your soul? For that is what you ought to have been working for.

“It is easier to ‘go along to get along.'” Yes, and it is easiest of all to simply curl up and die, if you are merely seeking what is easy.

“We all need friends.” And we all have one, if only we have the consistency of principle needed to face him in the mirror each day without shame, the perseverance to live up to his high standards, and the courage to stand by him against any adversity. All other friendships must reflect and cohere with this first and most unbreakable one.

Precarious dances are the interesting ones.

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