(Probably) Final Observations on THE ELECTION, and Beyond

The old “binary choice” fraud is universal truth in America at last; that’s the real fraud in all of this, Trumpsters, and it is a fraud that your idol’s operators have perpetrated against you, as they have been scheming to do for a generation.

Consider: Trump vs. Biden, as advertised, never existed. On election night (or its months-long early ballot surrogate), polls and slogans and robocalls notwithstanding, not one American voter was obliged, let alone forced, to cast a vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Neither of those men had to receive a single vote from anyone, in spite of their having been nominated for the presidency by their respective halves of the Washington Uniparty establishment. Every single voter walked into a voting booth, real or virtual, and made a choice — I almost wrote “conscious choice,” but that is exactly the point I am questioning — to vote for the most dangerously megalomaniacal idiot ever to run for U.S. president or for the most mentally deficient idiot ever to do so. Who would choose one of those options, if he were conscious and cared about his country?

“But what choice did I have?” they have all been trained to say, and therefore do say.

You had almost endless choices. In 2016, Mitt Romney wrote in a vote for his wife. What if every American voter, or even half of them, made a similarly adult and responsible choice? The “two-party” mirage would be over immediately. America would wake up from its nightmare of Washington corporate-communist manipulation faster than you can say “Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.”

But it does not happen, and it will never happen. The nation has been tamed. The Wild West is now the milquetoast slave state waiting for the masters to fasten the yoke. The New World is now Brave New World.

There never was a “binary choice.” It is a flat-out lie that the Republican leadership fed non-leftists in America for decades, as a means of psychologically cornering them into supporting the wholly unprincipled and anti-constitutional puppet candidates they were foisting on the voters. A small but substantial minority of GOP voters understood this and railed against it every four years. They were beaten back by the establishment each time, most brilliantly and brutally of all in 2016. Those former frustrated rebels of the party grassroots are submissive sheep now, ready to acquiesce to anything Mitch McConnell throws at them. They proved it in 2016, and they have superfluously proved it again this week.

What is coming for America in the short term is, put simply, more of the same — which is great news if you are a flag-waving cheerleader whose mind can form no thought more coherent than “USA! USA!” or a flaming Marxist with designs on undermining every last patch of civilized ground in the former republic.

What is coming in the medium term is even worse, and I would prefer not to discuss it in polite company.

What is coming in the long term, of course, as always in political history, is a great reckoning, and a painful self-revelation from which men wonder how a new beginning would even be possible. It is possible — but only after the full horror of the short and middle term have played themselves out fully. All of us sharing this conversation today will be very long gone before that revelation begins.

What can one do in the meantime? Talk — not shout, not rally, but converse — where and when one can. Think through what has happened and what will happen, and share those thoughts with the small and widely dispersed group of individuals who are also thinking, and still willing to dare to speak. Preserve that hidden kernel in you that remains relatively impervious to the machinations of modern politics and the manipulations of propaganda, the secret depth where it is still possible to be quiet with a friend, to enjoy great music by candlelight, to read Plato and Aristotle and Shakespeare and Jane Austen and thereby participate in a civilization more real and more beautiful than any that has ever fully existed among earthly humanity, and above all to spend alternately still and tumultuous moments observing and discovering that part of your soul that exists for you alone, and that is utterly untouchable by the contingencies of politics and external oppression.

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