Money As Politics: Musk Sacrifices a Few More Million Humans to His Profit

Elon Musk, who soiled himself for all time by defecating on the people of Ukraine last week, has decided to raise his profile in the pantheon of profiteering punks to yet another level of shame. This time, rather than waiting for a tyrannical government to actually invade a smaller, sovereign neighbor, destroy much of that neighbor’s infrastructure, and kidnap thousands of its children before calling for conciliation and compromise (aka surrender) in the name of preserving a desirable market for himself, Musk is getting out ahead of the invasion force to promote the surrender of a sovereign nation before a shot has even been fired on it.

Specifically, he is publicly urging the establishment of “a special administrative zone for Taiwan that is reasonably palatable, probably won’t make everyone happy.” 

Reasonably palatable…to whom? To the people of Taiwan, a democratic, independent country that is currently being threatened with military liquidation and enslavement by the largest and most technologically advanced totalitarian regime in human history? For if it is not “reasonably palatable” to them — i.e., to the victims of the prospective aggression —  then who cares whether it is palatable to Elon Musk or anyone else? In other words, Musk’s proposal is nothing less than another Sudetenland sell-out, which would hand millions of human lives over to totalitarianism for the sake of keeping the peace with an expansionist tyranny of global aspirations and reach.

And why? For one reason only, namely because Elon Musk has investments in China, and does not want the inconvenience of a disruption in relations or production-line efficiency. For Musk’s bank account, for his egomaniacal race for the top position on the world’s list of greedy malefactors passing themselves off as ingenious benefactors, the people of Taiwan are to be sacrificed, the security of other East Asian countries that China would be emboldened to take next if their Taiwan aggression were not resisted is to be sacrificed, any hopes of restraining the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly urgent push for global dominance is to be sacrificed. 

I am sure the Trump cult and other liberty-hating sheep around the world are getting more excited by the day at Musk’s increasingly “populist” stand against freedom and in favor of tyranny. And for the more traditional “conservatives” and “libertarians” out there, who have been bamboozled for fifty years with the Friedmanesque lie about the social benefits of greed, and morally numbed into mistaking economic freedom with the essence and primary meaning of liberty, what are they to think about such overtly petty self-interest from the likes of Musk?

“Well, he’s got a point; peace is better for our pocketbooks.” And what about the pocketbooks and life aspirations of the peoples to be sacrificed for this peace? “Well, that’s not our problem, we shouldn’t be involved.” Then don’t get involved. Shut up, at least, and that goes most of all for these billion-dollar enablers of oligarchs, communists, and other thugs, who, aside from their corporate cronyism, have no more social importance, and likely much less moral credibility, than any McDonald’s server.

If Taiwan and Ukraine, independent countries with long histories and national achievements, are not “too big to fail,” then neither, surely, are you, Mr. Musk. The sooner the world figures that out, the better for liberty.

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