Matt Drudge is the “Conservative Media”

Right Scoop reports that on Sunday and into Monday, the banner headline story on The Drudge Report — and on TDR, the headlines are the stories — was seemingly an attempt to imply that Beto O’Rourke, the young leftist challenging Ted Cruz for his senate seat, is a serious contender and an up-and-comer. In other words, that Drudge is seeking to create momentum against Cruz. The folks at Right Scoop seem surprised by this, for some reason.

As anyone knows who has read my writing for a while, I have been calling Drudge out for the fraud that he is for many years. In fact, at this point, I have to wonder how there can still be any American conservatives left who don’t understand what Drudge is?

In 2012, as I chronicled at the time, this supposed alternative media rebel used his site as a non-stop smear campaign against Tea Party candidates and Christians in support of the GOP establishment’s man, Romney.

In 2016, he did exactly the same thing against constitutionalists and Christians in support of the GOP’s man, Trump. (And yes, for the umpteenth time, once the primary voting began, Trump, vulgarity aside, was running as Mitch McConnell’s best friend — which in fact he was, judging from his 2014 mega-donor support and public endorsement of McConnell against Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin, and his early appointment of McConnell’s wife and Fox News board member Elaine Chao to his cabinet.)

Drudge — along with Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Fox News (all 2012 Romney shills who were also, predictably, 2016 Trump shills) — was one of the establishment’s original moles in the “conservative media.” Of course, these days almost the entire so-called conservative media is working as the establishment’s mole, so Drudge looks normal.

The answer for this problem, however, is quite simple: play whack-a-mole in the only effective way. Turn off the frauds entirely. Stop telling yourself “Well, I know he’s not a real conservative, but I get some useful news from his site,” or “I know he isn’t consistent, but I enjoy his mocking of the libs,” or “I know she’s too socially liberal, but I like her sarcasm.” 

Just turn them off. All of them, completely, forever. They live for money. They have sold their souls, and are willingly selling the souls of their viewers, readers, or listeners — and hence of their nation — for their own material profit. Stop giving them your money by giving them your time and attention. Stop letting them pose as representatives of your principles. Ignore them. Leave them to their establishmentarian echo chamber.

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