Five Reasons Why Meghan and Harry Matter

Number One:

They reveal the heart of our age, in accordance with the old adage, “Great men talk about ideas, ordinary men talk about events, small men talk about other people.” Ours is an age of small men.

Number Two:

They provide the most straightforward answer for everyone who has ever been inclined to wonder, “How in the hell could a man like Donald Trump become president of the United States?”

Number Three:

They indicate a fundamental shift in the aspirations of modern girls, who used to dream of growing up to marry a prince, but now dream of growing up to marry a prince and then use him as a tool to get yourself a career in Hollywood.

Number Four:

We all need something to occupy our desperate urge for gossip — for thinking about crap that is not only someone else’s business, but also utterly uninteresting on its face — until the Brad and Jennifer reunion story starts to heat up.

Number Five:

Who doesn’t enjoy identifying himself as a pathetic, worthless worm, which is what one does by caring about the private lives of cosmically miniscule famous people one doesn’t know and will never meet?

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