Cost-Benefit Analysis for Immoralists

Vaccine-related deaths among healthy Koreans under age 30, though relatively rare (and even more rarely given full acknowledgment by the government), have already outstripped Covid-19-related deaths among the same cohort, which are almost non-existent; this in spite of the fact that more young people have had contact with the virus than been vaccinated. This reality does not stop the Korean government and the compliant news media from stigmatizing the “vaccine hesitant,” demanding that all young people get vaccinated as a condition for returning to normal in-person school and social life, and in general branding as immoral or foolish anyone who dares to question the personal necessity of being vaccinated.

Let us recap: It is clearly and unequivocally more dangerous for a young Korean to get vaccinated against Covid-19 than to contract Covid-19. Korean society is nevertheless pushing full steam ahead to impose vaccination on young people as a condition of being treated as good citizens worthy of acceptance in social life. 

Ditto the rest of the so-called civilized world. We are witnessing the most tyrannical form of collectivist immorality manifested on a global scale. When, if ever, humanity finally wakes up from this feverish bout of spiritual corruption, there will be a reckoning the likes of which can hardly be imagined today. None of us will be here to see it, to be sure, but we may be forgiven for reveling in the distant prospect nonetheless. For there is no statute of prospective limitations on the satisfactions of cosmic justice.

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