Coronavirus Logic 101

Today’s winning headline from Business Insider: “New York City’s spring coronavirus outbreak was roughly as deadly as the 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million people.”

The logic of that headline is clearly intended to suggest that the current pandemic is “roughly as deadly” as a pandemic that killed 50 million people, even though it hasn’t actually killed anywhere close to that number of people. This post-COVID-era logic update brought to you by the same mainstream media that calculated, earlier this year, that if Michael Bloomberg had taken the 500 million dollars he spent on his aborted presidential campaign and simply distributed it evenly among America’s 327 million people, he could have given every single American a million dollars with money to spare.

Isolating this spring’s (alleged) death numbers in one city on a planet of seven billion people, and then comparing that number to the global pandemic of 1918, is only very slightly more coherent than isolating a death bed moment in a particular hospital room comprised of one dying patient and one nurse, and concluding that this hospital room, at that moment, had a higher mortality rate than the Black Death.

Every day, it becomes ever more apparent that America’s mainstream media is all in for exploiting the coronavirus pandemic for every last drop of social upheaval and tyrannical usurpation they can squeeze out of it. Humans simply do not make such obvious fools of themselves in public unless they are truly in love — in this case, in love with money and totalitarianism.

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