Body and Soul (Not Yours Anymore)

Government education = the state has a controlling interest in every citizen’s mental, emotional, and social development, completely overriding the principle of self-determination (i.e., the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness).

Government healthcare = the state has a controlling interest in every citizen’s physical wellbeing, and matters of life and death, completely overriding the principle of self-ownership (i.e., the rights to life and property).

Together, these two institutions give government fundamental control of the whole human being, soul and body.

And it is not just that the institutions themselves represent overwhelming assertions of coercive state authority over the individual. More importantly, once these most comprehensive forms of state compulsion become entrenched within a population, normal people grow to see the government as the proper and rightful provider of education and healthcare, and from that point forward the whole political debate is reduced to competing strategies for “improving” tyranny. (This has already long since happened on education everywhere, and on healthcare everywhere but America, essentially.)

The left’s proposal for improved tyranny is socialism. The right’s proposal is corporate fascism. Pick your poison.

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