The Sun Also Sets

One of my hobbies — when I am not closely observing the sunset of our civilization, or sifting the soil of today’s bright-eyed youth in search of some rare glimmer of hope — is photography.

As some of you may already have guessed, all the photographs featured on this website are my own. Therefore, as I’ve chosen to eschew the standard stock photos of Trump, McConnell, et al, as accompaniments to my articles — do we really need to look at their mugs one more time? — the final stage of preparing each article for posting is to find a suitable image among my folders to represent the topic or theme of the article in some way. Since I am not using literal representations of the people or things discussed, the process of matching image to article is often a lot of fun, as well as occasionally a bit of a head-scratcher. For example, a turtle to represent Mitch McConnell is almost a given — just look at the guy, and watch his behavior — but how, on the other hand, does one choose a photo to match a piece about irony, establishmentarianism, or the progressive transformation of America? In those situations, one has to be a little creative, slightly abstract, and perhaps veer towards the symbolic or sidelong.

Having said that, the photos I’ve taken myself tend to be more in line with the over-arching theme of my website, “Enjoying the view from Limbo.” I want the site to feel like a bit of an oasis of rationality and reflection, a philosophers’ garden if you will, and there is no way in hell I’m inviting any modern politician into my oasis, even visually.

In any case, I always hope the photos add a little something to your enjoyment of the site, a hope which I’ll now take to another level by simply sharing some images with you, without the accompanying rhetoric. This time, the pictures chose themselves. This is the sunset of March 10th, 2017, as seen from the pond at my university campus in Korea. Enjoy. (And in case you’re wondering, I have not altered or enhanced the images at all — the evening really looked like that.)


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