April Showers

A lull in the artifice of political action, as we wait for Donald Trump to find a campaign pledge he hasn’t reversed yet, so he can promptly set about reversing it.

A respite from the feverish emptiness of anxious rhetoric, as it has been more than twenty-four hours since North Korea promised (again) to reduce the United States to ashes.

Yet another moment of pleasant collective moral paralysis, as civilization continues to watch the playoffs while ignoring the daily rape of its children by the world controllers in the social-stability-and-compliance centers we euphemistically dub “public schools.”

And so, while we temporarily have nothing more superficially “serious” to attend to, why not take a moment to notice something that actually matters, i.e. the cycles of nature. Here are a few images from the April shower that hit my little corner of Korea Saturday afternoon, and its aftermath. I focus here on the aftermath because, while Trump, North Korea, and the world controllers will continue to nauseate and disappoint, nature, on the contrary, will continue to hearten with its intransigent renewal in the face of all our stupidity, turpitude, and general unworthiness.

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