Weak in Review (not a typo)

Within the past week, Donald Trump has promised to shut down the government if he does not get funding for his meaningless Wall, and then conceded that of course he is not going to shut down the government, and will support a temporary solution that provides no funding for a wall.

He has proudly vowed to proceed with phase two of his massive bailout of “farmers” (i.e., corporate agriculture), supposedly necessary to offset the losses these “farmers” are incurring due to Trump’s own trade policies.

He has urged his old friends Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to work with him on building a “replacement” for Obamacare — America’s half-measures version of socialized medicine — that will truly “provide GREAT healthcare for everyone,” i.e., be a more full-bodied instantiation of socialized medicine, a Marxist concept that he has always and (by Trump standards) consistently supported.

And within the past two days, while appeasing the Russians (with whom there is NO COLLUSION, you understand) by vowing to remove American troops from Syria, America has also officially come under the regulatory blanket of the most invasive gun control law — executive order, actually (aka personal edict of the President) — since…since everyone warned that if Hillary Clinton were elected, there would be weapons confiscations. A classic half-truth: true, Hillary wanted gun confiscation; also true (but conveniently overlooked), so did Trump.

There’s your Trumpy Weak in Review. I know, the week is far from over, and Trump will undoubtedly do more stupid, authoritarian, progressive, and duplicitous things between now and two days (probably two hours) from now. But in this season of “beating the rush,” why wait until the real end of the week?

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