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One Consolation: It’s Spring

That’s it. I have nothing else to say. Why spoil the mood, which will inevitably happen if I start talking about the state of things? Why not just take a few minutes to think of cherry blossoms and spring birds? Enjoy. (Click on an image to see it full size.)

La Dolce Vita

Well, I’m well into my third week here at the spa, and, well, all’s well.  Hope you enjoy these few pictures from Camp Xanadu, taken, I confess, with my third camera, the Samsung flip phone with the shattered lens. Wish you were here — especially if you are someone I hate.

Palate Cleanser

For a few days, most of my posts here in Limbo have been focused on current American politics, which essentially means death, chaos, and immorality, all imbued with a kind of bitter wistfulness.  It is therefore time to get back to more substantial fare, which is to say to questions on which rational analysis is not ultimately useless and futile. As it happens,...

The Fall of Man, Part II

For those of us who believe the rise and fall of civilizations is cyclical, and hence that, despite all the delusions of our narrow-mindedness and our “frog’s perspective” (as Nietzsche calls it), there is nothing so absolutely unique about our current deterioration, there nevertheless remains this troubling question: Have the final stages always proceeded this quickly, or is the seemingly unprecedented speed of...

The Fall of Man (Finally Some Pleasant News!)

Koreans, being the countrymen of the UN’s current Secretary-General, are as enthralled by the global warming charade as anyone on Earth. That, combined with this small, homogeneous nation’s susceptibility to “trend-think” — celebrities, politicians, and even general beliefs can fly from novelty item to truism (and back again) seemingly overnight — has led to the creation of some homespun climate clichés. Thus, in...