More Random Socially Distanced Thoughts

Every positive coronavirus test, every increase in “cases,” every political aide or professional wrestler or meat packer or disco dancer found to have “infected others,” is trumpeted by the totalitarian bootlickers (“journalists”) as an apocalyptic event — and of course, as definitive proof that freedom doesn’t work.

Geez, next thing you know, they’ll be trying to tell us we need tyranny to save us from the weather!

Positive tests and increases in “confirmed cases” mean almost nothing, regardless of what the propagandists say. Viruses spread, and this virus has proved to be a pretty robust one. Call me when twenty percent of the White House staff is dead, when meat packing plants are forced to shut down by a fatal reduction of their workforce, or when every young swinger from the night club scene is in the hospital on a ventilator.

And don’t get me started on ventilators! I have a few choice words for the “experts” on that subject too — but I’ll save them until I can express myself calmly on the matter, lest I end up on one myself.

Well, okay, I’ll just make one point now. If everyone who goes to a park without government permission, or plays doubles volleyball rather than singles, or walks his dog near your house, or cuts people’s hair at her beauty shop, or visits his aging parents on Mother’s Day, is guilty of criminal neglect, and deserving of scorn and public shaming as a potential murder suspect, then what are we to say about all the doctors and their textbook-writing “researchers” in the medical hierarchies of the world, when we eventually find out — as we inevitably will — how many thousands of people may have died with COVID-19 this year mainly because they were trapped on their backs, helpless and submissive, with machines controlling their breathing, when what they probably needed more than anything was to keep moving as much as possible, stay off their bloody backs, and fight?

Have none of these expert textbook authors and their degree-holding students ever experienced the distress of respiratory illness before? Do none of them ever take into account the importance of the patient’s natural reflexes and proclivities, or the vital role of the will to live in and the feeling of control in matters of life and death.

The answer to that last question is very obviously “No.” The sad truth is that the professionals do not think like potential patients, because they are expressly trained not to do so. They are specialists, whose training is focused, like all modern medicine, on finding opportunities to use the expensive machines and the self-justifying scholarly hypotheses they learned in class. They have therefore also implicitly learned a presumption in favor of the medical irrelevance of the patient’s own personal effort and psychological strength. Strap them down, sedate them, and get them hooked up and passive as soon as possible. What, after all, could a mere sick person have to contribute to the process of combatting his own illness?

This attitude is the essence of “professional care” in matters such as this, and the current pandemic seems to have become one of history’s classic cases of the cure being worse than the disease. 

Oh, well. No point raging about the thousands of needless deaths the experts and their leash-holders have caused, and will continue to cause, by treating textbook hypotheticals rather than the actual people in front of them. That gets us nowhere.

In any case, why get angry with our all-knowing know-it-alls and overweening overlords when it is so much more spiritually satisfying to laugh at them?

On that very point, could the current “health crisis” be summarized any more accurately than in the following short documentary?

(By the way, for those not aware of this, the presiding physician in this documentary, the late Graham Chapman, was in fact a licensed medical doctor.)

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