Look Who’s Talking

I just read the following headline from the Washington Examiner, a Republican-friendly newspaper: “Biden voters owe the country an apology.” Now, I would wholeheartedly agree with that headline, and with the sentiments expressed in the accompanying editorial — were it presented from any perspective other than that of a party that dared to try to foist the Trump clown show on America for a second term.

Consider these arguments against Biden’s presidency, from the article by Christopher Tremoglie: 

He duped 81 million people into voting for him and he has no clue what he is doing.

Right. But he duped them before he established, as president, that he has no clue. Trump, meanwhile, duped 74 million people into voting for him in 2020, after he had spent four full years in office proving beyond any reasonable doubt that he was the most ill-equipped and under-prepared national leader the human race has ever produced.

Biden voters owe the country an apology. They are responsible for our current mess.

No. The current American mess, including and especially the Biden presidency itself, insofar as any one group may be held accountable for any nation’s condition, is primarily the product of the Trump cult and its smirking leash-holders in the GOP establishment, who happily employed the White House, over the preceding four years, as a wrecking ball wherewith to lay waste to all previous notions of decency, civility, national honor, individual liberty, speaking truth to power, standing up to tyrants, rejecting the illiberal rubbish of cultish demagoguery, demonstrating the glory of freedom on the world stage, and representing moral righteousness and calm dignity against thuggery and violent rhetoric at home and abroad — all of which the office of the U.S. presidency was formerly expected to do, almost by default, before Trumpism shattered all those virtues in favor of embracing their exact opposites. 

It is highly unlikely that the buffoonish and decrepit Joe Biden could ever have won a presidential election against anyone but the gross and megalomaniacal dimwit Trump, just as it is unlikely that any 2016 Republican primary candidate other than Trump could have lost the popular vote to the despicable Hillary Clinton. Biden’s voters are responsible for his winning the election, of course. But Trump’s voters are responsible for creating the decayed national condition in which someone as feckless and “clueless” as Biden could ever have been considered a reasonable alternative to any incumbent president.

And incredibly, despite the vaccinations that were developed rapidly under Trump, Biden cannot even claim to have made progress with the pandemic.

Wait a minute. It is true that the vaccines were developed quickly during Trump’s presidency. But then if these vaccines have turned out not to be as effective as hoped, how can that be laid at Biden’s feet? These vaccines were touted as the silver bullet — until they weren’t. That can no more be blamed on Biden than on Trump, since neither of them is a medical expert, and since both are (Trump voters take note) fully vaccinated, for whatever that is worth. So why is it “incredible” that Biden has made no progress with the pandemic? Which country has? — apart from those which, to varying degrees, took the course Trump lacked the courage to take, just as Biden lacks the will to take it.

Portrayed as a unifier on the campaign, Biden is as divisive as his predecessor, if not more so. 

That, to state what needs little further explanation, is the most absurd delusion in an article comprised largely of delusions. Donald Trump has, as his Russian supporters hoped he would, torn the thinning fabric of American goodwill to shreds, so thoroughly that it may never be repaired. How dare anyone try to award Biden (or anyone else) Trump’s hard-earned prize in this arena!

Biden already had a long track record of screw-ups and of dishonesty — his plagiarism is just one manifestation of this. But a lot of people chose to vote for him anyway. They were hoodwinked by his false promises. The road to recovery begins with apologies to those you have wronged, and Biden voters owe the country an apology.

Re-read that paragraph, the article’s conclusion, changing Biden’s name to Trump’s, and tell me how one word of it would not remain at least as emphatically true. And remember, in 2020, Trump had already spent four years in the White House demonstrating in the boldest possible terms what a fraud he was — for those somehow hoodwinked into missing that point over the preceding thirty years of his public life.

I do not believe that Christopher Tremoglie has any idea how blatant an example of the pot calling the kettle black he has presented here. Even those areas he highlights in which Biden clearly loses to Trump — gas prices, inflation — could easily be matched in an article by his Democratic-friendly twin with areas in which Trump is more evidently the loser. Such is the nature of tribalism, and particularly of tribalism as a career-enhancing motive. One can fly in almost perfect (and perfectly convenient) blindness, as long as the goal is only to rouse one’s tribe, who will be only to happy to close their own eyes and follow your flight into silliness.

Biden is a hideous and tyrannical president, mostly due to ignorance and the career trough-feeder’s will to cover his butt. Trump was a hideous and tyrannical president, mostly due to ignorance and a teenage mean girl’s approximation of vainglory. Could America perhaps get over this national catastrophe, call the whole thing a wash, and start over again with a new option? Unfortunately, to have half a chance at success, the new option would have to be someone under age five, since anyone who has been through public schooling, or spent years immersed in today’s popular entertainment, is clearly intellectually incompetent and temperamentally ill-suited either to lead men with honor, or to govern with restraint.

President Pampers, anyone?

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