Imperfections and Society

Human society will be imperfect because humans are imperfect. Progressives believe society can be corrected to eliminate the frustrating and limiting social effects of human imperfection, by means of intentional and all-pervasive government intervention.

But government is comprised of humans; thus, instead of humanity’s various imperfections and errors balancing each other out, or remaining largely localized in their effects, the peculiar and highly focused imperfections of a few, and perhaps the most delusional few, become increasingly dominant by way of coercive authority, in the name of supplanting the changeable and relatively self-limiting imperfections of the many.

Folly and waywardness always on the margins, and occasionally imposing themselves on the general run of things to the point of becoming a transitory interruption to basic civility; or folly and waywardness as coercively entrenched institutional conditions, all-encompassing and self-perpetuating, and thus permanently displacing civility. That is the true choice facing one who weighs the options of individual liberty and progressive authority.

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