How Trump Was Used in Korea

Moon Jae-in is a lifelong, hardcore progressive, which is to say he is a neo-Marxist at heart, though he cloaks it in bland business suits and talk of “peace” and “democracy.”

Many of his domestic policies since winning the election to replace impeached Park Geun-hye are standard-issue progressive “reform” assaults, such as imposing sweeping new regulations on private businesses. But nothing he has done on the domestic front will likely be as significant in the long run as his warm, loving embrace of brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. 

Moon has, in brief, made himself a walking red carpet for the pudgy sex-slave-owning killer, and is selling out (not to mention shaming) his nation in the process. Signing away his own right to defend his country freely against the North’s aggression, and engaging in a never-ending round of photo-op hugs and champagne-clinks for the world, he is trying to rush South Koreans into embracing the long-fantasized notion of Korean reunification without thinking through the real implications of reuniting on Kim Jong-un’s terms

The great danger North Korea presents to the South has always been grounded in South Korean sympathizers propagandizing the relationship into false normalization, leading to some form of economic or even political reunification without the dismantling of the North’s communist regime. Moon’s old boss, former President Roh Moo-hyun, took the first steps toward this propagandist’s dream, with his aggressive “Sunshine Policy” of engagement. Now comes Moon, who has drawn the progressive dream closer to fruition than anyone could have imagined a year ago. How has this happened so quickly?

Moon’s secret weapon: Donald Trump. Moon was the first world leader to get a full and accurate read on Trump’s vanity: Tell Trump he is wonderful and you are so grateful to him, and he will wash your socks, and even massage your feet while the socks are drying.

Moon has played Trump even more brilliantly than Kim did in Singapore. Trump, after his reality TV summit with the latter, immediately declared the nuclear threat over, announced to the world that Kim was a great guy and a powerful leader, and even promised to reduce U.S. joint military drills with the South for the explicit purpose of appeasing the North. 

Appeasing the North. That, in the end, is what South Korean leftists have been all about since the ROK’s democratic revolution in the late 1980s. They do not care much about ending his torture of millions of Koreans. They do not want to dissolve his communist system into their republican system. They want to make him seem friendly, acceptable, and even, absurdly, an ally. They hope to end the official state of war on the peninsula without anyone having to concede defeat, which means leaving the slave state — Korean territory — essentially intact. 

No one could have imagined things would progress so far toward this leftist dream of normalizing the communist North so quickly — because no one could have imagined Trump would be such a useful idiot, not only for the communists in Pyongyang, but also, and even more embarrassingly in a way, for the socialists in Seoul. 

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