Get All Your DNC News…Somewhere Else

If you feel yourself caring a little about what Michelle Obama is going to say at the Democratic National Convention, go for a long walk, preferably somewhere with trees and birds.

If you are committed to watching Kamala Harris’ speech for evidence of race politics, or Joe Biden’s speech for evidence of dementia, ask yourself why — and then watch a classic Hollywood musical instead.

If you visited Limbo today for a bit of anti-Democrat snark, or a bit of ideological analysis of the American Left on parade, take your tribal political urge somewhere else please — or fend off your election season itch by reading something else on this website. 

Here is my solemn promise to the reader, vis-à-vis the DNC: Unless someone very, very famous dies on stage during the event, I will not write one word of analysis or discussion about the proceedings. Nor will I write one word about the Republican Party’s equivalent event, whenever that is held. 

The reason is simple: I do not care about either of those duplicitous Uniparty show-factions, and I have no interest in being played for a fool by global communists or global corporatists (two sides of the same coin). They will have their little “election” in November, more than a hundred million Americans will pretend they are making a decision related to their nation’s fate, and the next day 99.9% of those voters will go right back to sleep in their cocoons full of primetime dramas and computer games and internet porn and prostitute-singers and profiteering pundits and superhero movies and Saturday Night Live and college football and celebrity gossip and social justice classes and drinking in the jacuzzi and smoking a little dope on the weekend and listening to money-grubbing hustlers promising them that Jesus loves America — all, of course, while maintaining their social distance, feeling the prescribed fears right on cue, and waiting for the government to give them some money and fix everything.

Pardon me for not giving a damn what Michelle Obama says at the Democratic convention, or what any Republican says at theirs. These people — the billionaire controllers and academic schemers, the television faces of the machine, and their millions of dupes, have wrecked a perfectly decent country, and in the process sealed the devil’s deal on a fairly attractive little civilization. To hell with them.

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