Fox News Continues to Soil Itself

I just read a headline, accompanied by a photo of the moronic sideways grin of Fox News’ answer to John Stewart’s understudy, Greg Gutfeld, which carries that supposed news network’s disintegration into a completely fabricated alternative universe one more step toward insanity: 

Gutfeld: Zelenskyy’s tactics are Trumpian.

Zelenskyy’s tactics are Trumpian — except for the slight differences that Zelenskyy is not a Putin apologist; he does not praise and admire Putin’s brutality toward opponents and civilians; he does not dismiss the 2014 annexation of Crimea as a done deal to be accepted without question or concern; he does not advocate on Putin’s behalf at every international economic conference; he does not people his own presidential administration with Russia Today commentators and overt Putin propagandists; he does not, even under a level of political and personal duress that Donald Trump could never understand, make incoherent threats to everyone on Twitter but then run away to his Shangri-La to get his nails polished when the going gets tough; he is not ignorant of his country’s history and the broader global situation; he is not a lily-livered celebrity apprentice without an ounce of genuine interest in his country’s well-being or its future, but only in protecting his delicate ego; and he does not sound like the dumbest man you could likely ever meet in your life, the most uninformed, the most childishly incurious, and the most exclusively obsessed with his own reputation and applause. 

Otherwise, I have to admit it’s hard to tell them apart — except that Trump is a physically large man with the soul and courage of an amoeba, while Zelenskyy is a physically small man with the soul and courage of…well, of a man in the proper sense, a species of being which Trump bootlickers like the dimwits at Fox News can no longer even remember, let alone understand.

Given Trump’s history of directly supporting and encouraging Putin, and particularly regarding Putin’s long-term assault on Ukraine itself, Gutfeld’s audacity in daring to compare Zelenskyy to the Orange Idiot would have to be judged an absolute moral outrage, were we not all too wearily familiar with the source of the comparison, and the mental level one should expect from that source.

(And this is where the “conservative media” audience, so owned by their profiteering manipulators, will typically chime in with the standard chorus of, “So I suppose you want us to trust CNN!” No. I watch neither of them, and trust neither. There is no binary choice in learning, opining, or political life, so stop defending yourself against every criticism of your golden idols by conveniently branding the critic “one of Them.” If you accept this false dichotomy, then you yourself are one of Them, from the point of view of truth. For the only real binary choice in the matter of truth and judgment is between those who are willing and trying to think for themselves, and those who are not.)

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