Best Wishes

I wish you perfect health for yourself and all your loved ones, if you wish me perfect freedom for myself and all of mine.

I wish you a safe and secure life, if you wish me a life of self-determination.

I wish you a lifetime of prosperity and material ease, if you wish me a lifetime without violations of my person or property.

I wish you a community with sound, well-written laws and righteous, sober judges, if you wish me a community in which the coercive power of law is never perceived as a default means of achieving one’s personal desires or rectifying one’s bad luck or failures.

I wish you the confidence to think for yourself and assert your own mind, if you wish me the dignity to think alternative thoughts as I may, and to peacefully abstain from your assertions when I disagree.

I wish you all these things, unless you deny me the return wishes — in which case I wish you the wisdom to comprehend, before it is too late for you, the impossibility of gaining any of those goods I wish you without their natural exchange.

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