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One Consolation: It’s Spring

That’s it. I have nothing else to say. Why spoil the mood, which will inevitably happen if I start talking about the state of things? Why not just take a few minutes to think of cherry blossoms and spring birds? Enjoy. (Click on an image to see it full size.)

On Being Forgotten: A Sunday Reflection

Alfie Evans is a nondescript moniker. In a year or two, only a handful of people on this planet will remember a British baby by that name. In a generation, perhaps no one will remember — apart from two middle-aged people named Tom and Kate, whose youthful hopes for their first child together were crushed, not by Alfie’s terrible illness, which would have...

On the other hand, it’s spring

Politics in the modern sense — the muddy search for individual liberty — is dead. Philosophy in the ancient sense — the soul’s longing for eternity heightened through reason into the search for wisdom — is dying. Religious faith in the humane sense — the communal subordination of souls to the shared belief in a being and truth higher than ourselves and our...