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A Brief Interlude of Life

As I prepare an essay about the latest ghoulishness from the proprietors of the theme-park-cum-abattoir that offensively continues to call itself Great Britain — someone please tell be what’s “great” about it these days — I am only too happy to take a short break from my disgust, and before (hopefully) inspiring yours, to enjoy that part of the living world which has...

Humans Cannot Fly

Socratic Mathematics

Humans cannot fly,
Unless they learn to grow wings —
Ten thousand years on.

This is the profoundest implication of the expression, “Patience is a virtue.” Can you wait, diligently preparing yourself, for one hundred centuries?

The Birds and the Bees at Easter

Commies are red,Tories are blue,’tween ’em they leaveNothing for you. Just kidding. All the good stuff is left for you, in fact, since nothing of ultimate significance is theirs to take — apart from your soul, of course, if you let them — nor would they appreciate any of it if you could show it to them. Happy Easter to all my readers,...

Free Souls for Slavish Days

Two thousand eighteen, upon any honest reflection, must be judged to have been a year of robust and energetic activity for the forces of tyranny, inhumanity, and vulgarism. In other words, it was yet another year — and perhaps more than just “another year” — of predictable failure for freedom, character, and taste. In short, the body is winning, the soul losing; earth...