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Corruption usually begins as a small error. It invariably begins at the top. Thus it was that in 1785, Yale College abandoned the age-old pass/fail evaluation method and initiated the practice of ranking its students’ examinations on a primitive version of a four-point scale: Optimi, Second Optimi, Inferiores and Pejores.

Let us stop right there for a moment, and consider one implication of this historical fact that might seem almost inconceivable today: Prior to 1785, Yale, like every other school, was teaching and examining its students without assigning them any official score or rank at all. Was this lack of formal, permanent ranking a shortcoming that needed correction? It may seem so now, after two centuries of development along these lines. An unreflective person would probably be inclined to answer, “If we don’t rank the exams, how can we know who is the best student?”

My reply: Why do we need to know who is the best student? More to the point: What principle shall we apply in determining which of the theoretically infinite ranking systems we shall use to stipulate what “best student” will mean for our purposes? Even more to the point: Who is meant by “we”?

— From “The Standards Trap,” in The Case Against Public Education: How Government Schooling has Dismantled Modernity and Prepared Us for Tyranny

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∼C. Edward McVaneyFounder and former CEO, JD Edwards & Co.; Christian school developer

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