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Thoughts on Death and Eternity

A few new thoughts on the current state of things, proffered to those visiting this site for the same reason I maintain it, namely as an increasingly rare port in an increasingly violent storm. In other words, these are thoughts for the happy few, we lonely and “socially-distanced” holdouts for reason and civility in a world gone stark raving mad. “We have to...

The New Moral Math, or A Hundred Thousand Mirrors

One of the most disturbing social symptoms of America’s coronavirus epidemic is a malady we may call mathematical hysteria: the inability, and even unwillingness, of millions of ordinarily rational adults to look at the numbers dancing before their panic-stricken minds with any sort of context-related sobriety. And perhaps the ugliest manifestation of this mathematical hysteria is the moral argument that this outbreak warrants...

Great Moments in Conservatism

This American moment looks strikingly similar to the early days of the Trump cult. Much as we saw in early 2016, people who formerly seemed reasonable and reasonably “conservative” are being peeled away from their reason and into media-stoked lunacy over this virus outbreak, and suddenly turning on anyone who dares to espouse the principles in regard to this issue that they themselves...

Taking a Break from Armageddon

When birds stop flying,
And flowers unbloom, call me —
Until then, be calm.

bore me with their mock feelings —
Distractions from life.
I have several
good reasons not to panic —
in my camera.

Musings from the edge of doom

News headline I just read, from our good comrades at The New York Times: “U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases.” The world-leading number of confirmed infections: 81,321. “Oh my god, that’s so many people! What are we going to do?” Well, the first thing you could do is consider this number: 40,000,000. For that is a rough estimate of the...

One more stab at the “mortality rate” nonsense

As America’s mass hysteria pandemic picks up steam, and the U.S. Federal Government warms to the task of bankrupting and enslaving the nation for generations, I have noticed a new uptick — the dreaded “second wave” — in people online trying to justify their irrational fear by citing the “fact” that this coronavirus has a mortality rate eight, ten, or fourteen times higher...

So, we’ll go no more a roving

What the ancient king of Jerusalem would have said, were he an enlightened progressive full of “caring” for the masses, rather than a mere man of wisdom: I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet...

This means war!

A lot of people, from Trump on down, and from all political angles, are in love with the “war analogy” with respect to this virus outbreak. I have rejected that analogy on its face for a number of reasons until now, but since so many insist on invoking it, let’s go there for a moment. An enemy is at the gates. The entire...

Musings in Descent

Today, nothing upsets the earnest and panic-stricken more than comparing the coronavirus to the flu. “How dare you?” they object, as though you had just called their wives trollops. They need this virus to be something of an entirely different order, something so utterly incomparable and unprecedented. Why? To justify their fears, which they are loving more than life itself at the moment....

Listen to the Experts

According to experts, the coronavirus pandemic could be with us for eighteen months, two years, or forever. During this time, experts explain, it is essential that humans avoid all unnecessary contact with other humans, in the name of preventing the spread of this virus which has already spread so widely that no one has any idea whatsoever how many people have contracted it....